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A ninth grade student was suspended from Mustang High School for pursuing her passion for photography!
Actually, the student caught a substitute teacher taking a bit of a cat nap during class. The issue at hand was the use of the cell phone during school to capture this learning moment. Given the tempo of the typical school day and the dazzling curriculum we tend to offer students, it is no wonder that the teacher was just overwhelmed. It may have been after a nutritious high-carb lunch at the cafeteria, or perhaps the teacher was modeling for students the need to get a good 8 hours of sleep each day/night. School spokesperson Mary Leaver had a different take (this speaks for itself...we couldn't make this up)

" We understand the importance of these devices, but we have to maintain a learning environment."

STORY: Oklahoma High School Student Suspended For Photographing Teacher Napping (VIDEO)

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