One tough cookie

New York City high school student Nesshell Rainford provides a powerful essay chronicling her journey through adolescence and her confrontation with racism> with one crowd she was "too white" with another "ghetto" and she experienced these stereotypes both face-to-face in her schools as well as in cyberspace. At one point her mom advised her to "be satisfied with the body God gave you" and she thought "how can I be satisfied when I felt God had made a mistake in my skin color?" Her essay makes us question the culture of schools where this is pervasive...even her African drum instructor told her she had no rythm...she was too white.We sense that this talented young woman will be successful and will speak volumes to folks that need to listen to her message as a human being. Thanks Nesshell.

STORY: Racism In High School: 'I'm Not Oreo Or Ghetto -- I'm Just Being Me'

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