Cashing in

While this may seem heresy to some, we see great potential in shifting decisions to the consumers...the actual students. Under the proposal, students in grades 9-12 would have $6,400 per year to spend on their customized, individualized plans of study. They could enroll in courses at the public high schools, universities, technical schools and/or public on-line offerings. Any money left unspent would move into an individual account to be used for post-secondary education. Imagine...students selecting classes and teachers as well! Theoretically, great teachers would be in higher demand, perhaps garnering them higher salaries. Poor teachers = less demand= lower salaries. We fully support this debate and always support empowering choice made by students! Power to the pupil as it were.

STORY: Utah Bill Would Give Public Education Money Directly To Student 'Savings Accounts,' Not Schools

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