Flat earth parents

A group of parents asked that the Anoka-Hennepin School District School Board to include information about "ex-gay therapy" and "Gay related immune deficiency (GRID)" in its curriculum policy revisions. The Parent Action League (PAL) apparently subscribes to the notion that shaking the rooster claw over GLBT children will cure them and wants to use language (GRID) that hasn't been used in the medical community for over 25 years! We are waiting for them to advocate blood-letting and routine exorcisms as well. Thankfully, the board has resisted pressure from the community neanderthals. This is a district that has experienced six suicides in less than 24 months, some of which were gay students. We join Tammy Aaberg, mother of one of the suicide victims, in support of the board for resisting pressure from PAL.
STORY: Conservative Parents Demand School Teach About Ex-Gay Therapy (VIDEO)

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