Death wish and the 1st Amendment

We can remember those writing assignments in high school in which we were asked to write persuasively (albeit naively) about a controversial topic from an opposing view. Or, asked to debate both sides of an argument regardless of our personal stance. Powerfully potential teaching and learning moments are these. Well, what if a student takes the assignment seriously and espouses a venomous position we find disgusting, and it gets published in the student newspaper? You guessed it...his piece is pulled (censorship) and the superintendent reams him a new one! This 15 year-old student at Shawano Community High School wrote a piece opposing gay couples right to adopt using ignorant and homophobic rationale, replete with passages from Leviticus 20:13. We abhor his position, but must defend his right to free speech. In fact, we might see Rick Santorum citing this kid's work in his next attack on gays.

STORY: Brandon Wegner Threatens School With Legal Action For Removing OpEd Mentioning Gays Be 'Put To Death' (VIDEO)

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