Below zero in Georgia!

No more zero scores on assignments and tests for 3rd through 8th graders in this school district in Georgia.
All students must earn at least a 60% on assignments and tests or be given the opportunity to redo/retake until a passing grade is earned. Supporters say it "forces teachers to coach students until they achieve mastery."
When is 60% mastery? And should teachers be "forced" on this? This serves as another prime example of trying to structure schools to promote compulsory learning when they are still designed under an antiquated model of compulsory attendance. This old car can't run the 21st century race. Hard as the education mechanics try, the Model T design of American schools can't compete with the Indy car needed to really promote achievement for all children.

STORY: No-Zero Grading Policy In Lowndes County Schools Require Retesting Opportunities For Failing Students (UPDATED)

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