Book Traffickers invade Arizona

Looks like a "magical mystery tour" is headed straight to Tucson, Arizona in mid-March. The mystery?
Not the Beatles. Why were books on Mexican American Studies (MAS) banned from the Tucson Unified School District? Lame answer...Winners write the damn history books Nacho! Arizona State Superintendent John Huppenthal decided that the high school MAS courses were in violation of ARS-15-112. far will Arizona go on this affront to Mexican Americans and the First Amendment? Apparently Huffenthal is a big fan of Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451! The literary contraband was seized from the high school by some of the Arizona book storm troopers while MAS classes were in session. Nice lesson to teach the students. God speed to the Book Traffickers as they make their trek to Arizona.

STORY: 'Librotraficante' Caravan Set To Smuggle Books Back Into Arizona Following Ethnic Studies Ban

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