The unkindest cut of all

No more pencils, no more books...really! A recent survey of US teens reveals what they have personally experienced as a result of defunding and devaluing public education. Instead of increasing the percentage of our GDP in education, the US continues to lag behind. The result...

  • Lack of basic resources
  • Lack of texts and computers
  • Cuts to extracurricular programs and/or pay to play
  • Charged for bus transportation
  • Cuts to music, art and PE
  • No where to sit in the overcrowded classroom and crumbling infrastructure.
Maybe we need to get Haliburton in the school biz...should see some funding improvement. That is if they aren't too busy building more prisons. No shortage of funding there.

STORY: School Budget Cuts: How Students Say Slashes Are Affecting Them

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