Abnormal curve

Don't call him a genius! Moshe disdains this label...he is just a kid who enrolled in college at age 8, earned two Associates Degrees by age 11 (perfect 4.0 GPA), and is set to graduate from UCLA with a degree in mathematics at age 14. He has published the English version of his book, We Can Do, thanks to inspiration from professor Richard Avila at East LA Community College. Moshe' advice...

  • ANYONE can realize their dreams.
  • Be focused and totally committed.
  • Limit TV to 4 hours per week. 
We believe him. Our current metrics that attempt to measure human potential are woefully inadequate and serve to limit rather than expand optimal learning.

STORY: Moshe Kai Cavalin, 14-Year-Old Boy Genius, Writes Book Revealing Life In College At Age 8 (VIDEO)

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