Aye Chiuaua!

Lets blame Title I, high stress assessment, Friday and a tough week for this lapse in professionalism! Throw in solar flares, full moon and PMS while we are at it. Shirley was distributing Title I forms to her eighth graders at Barnett Junior High when a student asked for the Spanish version. Not an unreasonable request given the high % of Hispanic students in the school district. Bunn tried to explain that this was not available in Spanish (why not?) but the student persisted..."I'm Mexican." Bunn's response..."then go back to Mexico."  She is on a paid leave while the school district determines her ultimate fate. This reminds me of a high school science teacher who once lamented that the Puerto Rican students ought to only speak English at all times in school. If they were going to try to be Americans, they needed to talk like Americans. When I informed him that they were indeed American citizens, he said..."No they aren't, they're Puerto Ricans!" Scary but true story.

STORY: Shirley Bunn: 'Teacher Of The Year' Suspended For Offensive Comment, Telling Hispanic Student To 'Go Back To Mexico'

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