Hot for teacher

Van Halen goes to higher education! A 56 year-old college student completed journal entries as part of his Advanced Critical Writing class at Oakland University in Detroit. He found his professor attractive and likened her and another female prof to characters from Gilligan's Island (Ginger and Mary Ann). The result...a one year suspension and mandatory sensitivity training. Joe was asked to stop after his first entry was found to be offensive, but he just couldn't help himself. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) finds this suspension a "wild Overreaction" and plans to appeal the suspension. Oakland University should put in place some preventative measures...cease to hire attractive faculty members, or impose a strict faculty dress code...perhaps recycling prison jump suits. Finally, try to block transmission of episodes of Gilligan's Island little buddy.

 STORY: Joseph Corlett, Oakland University Student Barred For Calling His Teacher Hot In His Writing Assignment

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