Assistant Principal Arrested in Marijuana Sting

Assistant Principal Arrested in Marijuana Sting

I guess this guy was absent the day D.A.R.E came to school.

How can someone consciously punish a student for throwing paper airplanes in class, while harvesting weed in his backyard at home? Hypocrisy is a funny thing. We set up these walls and guidelines that children must closely abide by for 12 years, but the one's enforcing the rules live in a dream world where drugs are legal.

What are we teaching students when we constantly see teachers in trouble with the law? I am gonna have a hard time following the dress code the day after I learn my Asst. Principal is a pothead. It's no wonder most people aren't prepared for life after high school because they are so confused when they get out and the real world hits them like a steam engine. They are literally blind-sided by the fact that all these so-called rules in the Student Handbook have absolutely no practical application beyond the hallways.

But seriously, if I found out my principal was growing weed I would question the integrity of every teacher I had. Then again, we were taught not to question things.

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