The Peanut Butter Sandwich Under Threat

The Peanut Butter Sandwich Under Threat

But Jelly reigns supreme! (For now at least...)

If you haven't been around a school in a while you might think this is a joke. But apparently over the last decade or so we've begun to breed completely intolerable children with almost mythical allergies. That's right, since so many kids can't be around peanuts, school have started to ban the product. No peanuts, no peanut butter, no snickers bars, they won't even let them watch Peter Pan the movie.

Is this a scam? Did Smucker's start poisoning kids to have the monopoly on sandwich dressings?

It has become the base definition of segregation. Students who bring peanut products in their lunches are removed and placed at their own tables. This must make complete sense to a 9-year old. Try explaining to them that their lunch is the reason they can't sit with their friends. I can see them years down the road in high school sneaking jars of Jiffy in their locker cause it's just too hard to kick the habit.

What's going on here? Is anything left that can be taken away?

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