Michigan student suspended for wearing 'I'm straight' sticker

Michigan student suspended for wearing "I'm Straight" sticker

Let's review the facts. A public school actually participates in an event that celebrates (or at least acknowledges) homosexuality as a choice. Students are asked to wear duck-tape over their mouths to signify "silence." One student decided to declare that he is straight by writing it on the duct-tape.

A couple things aren't adding up. 1.) Since when can schools force students actively participate in such a ceremony? 2.) When did schools determine what beliefs students must have? and 3.) At what point in the story did this boy tie a homosexual to the back of his truck and drag him across town?

To my knowledge this kid wasn't spewing Anti-Gay comments or rallying his friends to commit hate crimes. He simply objected to purpose of the event. Fair enough.

The school isn't gonna win the church argument, so let that one be. It seems almost anything is considered inappropriate now. Every time one person stands up for themselves, it is deemed a distraction. This school should just start campaigning to demand students buy into a flat-tax economy, and then convince them that the Native Americans peacefully forfeited their land to us. Maybe we need to start educating every Kindergartener that Santa Claus is not real.

Everyone has ideas and everyone has beliefs. If they're wrong, let's learn why and create discussion. It seems too many schools have the attitude that "We're doing it like this, and you're gonna like it. Bottom line."

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