Students Suspended for Repeated Hugging

Students Suspended for Repeated Hugging

That sounds about right. If we are not going to tolerate violence, we are certainly not going to promote peace.

These students were deemed repeat offenders?! Try telling that to a 17-year old serving a life sentence at Pelican Bay State Prison for armed robbery and attempted homicide. Where are we coming up with these punishments?

Valentine's Day must be a nightmare at the school. Are sports teams allowed to celebrate after victories? Or does that fall under the 'No Contact' jurisdiction as well. God, how many high school girls cry after every time they break up with a boy and hug their friends all day?

We have always heard the threat "This will show up on your permanent record." If one actually existed there has got to be a room full of people having the time of their lives reading the reasons people are getting suspended. Is hugging such a nuisance or are we again just giving too much power to administration?

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