McDonalds Advertises on School Report Cards

McDonalds Advertises on School Report Cards

And we thought Channel One was a money-making scam?

Basically, McDonald's is paying for the printing costs, and in exchange they put pictures of the Golden Arches all over the report cards. And the school went for the idea. They said they needed the money. Apparently there is a lack of healthy options for a business partner in the state of Florida. But no, it's a great incentive for getting good grades. Fast food!

Is Hershey's going to take over Houghton-Mifflin and start publishing school books? Maybe Cheeto's is thinking of running Rand McNally out of the map business. If school is going to become one big commercial, they need to start assessing what long-term message they are putting out there. Is McDonald's really the best answer for cutting into a budget problem? Was recycled paper not mentioned at this meeting? Or how about this, it's 2007, email the freakin report cards!

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