Effort to Limit Junk Food in Schools Faces Hurdles

Effort to Limit Junk Food in Schools Faces Hurdles

This is the easiest equation to solve. Spend one week talking with elementary school students and you'll learn real quickly.

Junk food is not the issue. Junk food has been around forever. It was probably kids that came up with the phrase "junk food." They've been eating it for years. So why is the youth all of a sudden at risk for high blood pressure and diabetes?

Because they don't exercise. Recess has been cut from 70% of schools across the country. They have half the amount of physical education as ten years ago. Let's not blame school districts for signing multi-million dollar contracts with Pepsi and FritoLay, let's blame them for not exposing kids to enough cardiovascular activity. To but it simply: Let kids play. They're freaking kids. With their metabolism rate, they could run 100 yards and burn off all the calories from a Juicy Juice they had at lunch.

Get them excited about playing outside, and they will do it at home. Video games are flying under the radar here because they're too busy taking the fall for violence. But that's what the youth is more interested in.

Congress, here's your research. Let kids play, and they won't be fat.

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