Game of 'Tag' banned from school playground

Game of 'TAG" Banned from School Playground

Pretty soon adults will have no way to relate to our youth. The schools have stripped just about all the classic games like Tag and Dodgeball to make the playground a safety zone. So a kid gets a scraped knee? It heels. But apparently the humiliation of being chased at recess never will.

We're in a time where everyone is pushed to become equal. We can't weed out the athletic from non-athletic. Little girls can't chase little boys. We don't play games that people can get 'out' and everyone gets a trophy just for trying. What's the incentive for excelling? Does this sound familiar at all? I wanna say Communism failed because the same basic principles proved to be flawed. Why are we trying to raise every child to be exactly the same? Isn't the idea of failing supposed to motivate you to try better next time or learn from your mistakes? What ever happened to, "If at first you don't succeed?"

But it's OK, because now if you don't succeed at first, someone will lobby to make policies so that no one else is allowed to succeed either. It must have not been fair to begin with, so it must be eliminated from schools.

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