District Prohibits Christmas Colors

District Prohibits Christmas Colors

I wasn't sure how far this Christmas thing was going to be taken. You'll find plenty of schools that have already banned Christmas cards, Christmas songs, and Christmas plays. I'm not even sure there is a school district left that doesn't refer to Christmas Break as "Winter Break." But prohibiting Christmas colors?

Green and Red have somehow arbitrarily been chosen to represent the holidays. They have absolutely no religious meaning. They in no way promote Jesus or Christian beliefs. They are colors for crying out loud! This school district not only promoted 'white' napkins and plates, but reminded the students not to wear green or red to their parties. Did they go into their desks and pull out all the green and red Crayola's?

We can't possibly ask all of our schools to not even acknowledge one of the most celebrated holiday's of the year. We're dumbing these kids down so much they won't even realize why they can't say Merry Christmas to a classmate.

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