Suspension Over Gun Doodle Raises Questions About School Security Policies

Suspension Over Gun Doodle Raises Questions About School Security Policies

I wonder if district budget allows for Art Class at this school? If so, watch out! Every project needs to go through a screening to determine if the artist is a threat to security.

This was a picture of a laser gun and the student was given five days of suspension. There has got to be a study that evaluates the negative side effects of disciplining students for ridiculous reasons. Sitting him out for five days can only give him enough time to draw pictures of tanks and armies right? Do pictures of guns on paper shoot paper bullets too? Then I can understand the actions taken.

I went to school with a kid that constantly drew pictures of Godzilla attacking villages of people. But for whatever reason, I don't recall the day he summoned a giant lizard to breathe fire on our entire student body.

There are generations and generations before that played backyard games named "War" and "Guns." In these games we used plastic life-like guns and ran around shooting each other. There were no bullets, just kids yelling "Bam!" Never once did anyone transfer this imaginary part of childhood into a mislead rage before the morning bell. The biggest problem it ever caused was two kids arguing over who shot who first. The solution? A re-do.

Pictures of guns don't kill people, kids who get bullied (while teachers don't help) who have access to their dad's gun cabinet and no sense of hope left, kill people. It's only a matter of time until we re-write the history books and take out all the acts of violence. Well, there goes the history of America.

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