Dallas High School Bans "Hoodies"

Dallas High School Bans "Hoodies"

In a related story out of Dallas, student absentee rates have risen this winter due to large outbreaks of sore throats and pneumonia.

The justifying cause for this was to make students more identifiable when fights break out. Here's an idea: Let's re-evaluate our discipline policies rather than make irrational dress code decisions. If you want to figure out which kids are fighting, trying seeing who is coming to school with black eyes and scratched up knuckles.

There's a large majority of the student body suffering because they can't wear a hood anymore. This uses NO logic. Hoods are completely indirectly related to fights, but they've become the victim. What group of idiots decided this is the best way to resolve an issue with school fights? Why not just give every student an inmate number? That should make it easy to spot the bad eggs. It's a shame on a daily basis more and more innocent items have become forbidden at public schools.

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